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I would like to read from the Quran while I'm sitting on my prayer rug. The Quran is heavy, and I need something to hold it up. I don't have a Quran holder... What are things to keep in mind when looking for something to hold it up?

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Any clean thing will be okay. May Allah accept from you.

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Salaam. A small tray with foldable legs such as which are intendedto be used for 'breakfast in bed'. Any small childrens table from Ikea (these are not expensive) or a cheap side table. Inshallah, you will find something appropriate out there. jazakALLAH khair.

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u can use a clean pillow if needs be and rest the quran on it

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Assalamu'alaikum, You can use Bed, table, reading desk, mat for easily holding and reading quran. If you are interested to learn online Quran, then you should prefer, which is really good online learning institution. Thank you.

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