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assalamvalikum my name is mahd jibraan ahmed.actually i have a relationship with a girl who married.her husband is in abroad every 2 - 3 years he will come to india.but she did not like him.every time she against of him.she married since 5 years ago but till now they did not have any physical relationshi with him.she is a matter is that i and she working in same place since 2 years and we had a physical relation ship many times and we both wanted to marry.i want to marry her at any cost because i had a physical relationship and i really love her and marry her.she wanted to divorce her husband and she didnot have any relationship with her husband.plz tell me any dua to get marry her and to divorce her husband.and she really wishes to marry me and insha allah i will explain about the islam to her and make her to come in islam.thank u

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Should be posted on Community site under marriage section.

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Needs to be posted on Community site." by Irfan Alam Nov 09 '13 at 04:20

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