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We did not come to this world with our own will. We will not leave this world with our own will. Then why live this life according to our own will?

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We/human(sons of Adam) are suppose to be like our father Adam who was made a khalifa(of Allah) on earth. And [mention, O Muúammad], when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a (khalifa) successive authority..."(2:30) and as sayidna Dawoud was also; "[We said], "O David, indeed We have made you a successor upon the earth, so judge between the people in truth and do not follow [your own] desire, as it will lead you astray from the way of Allāh.”..."(38:26)

and in a hadith we are told that we are created in the image of Allah. do not ever think it is a physical image but internal.. exactly seven characters;1.knowledge 2.Will 3. Ability 4.Hearing 5. Seeing 6. Speaking and 7.Living

so Allah willed to give us these seven characters for that we may know him and love him and so worship Him(by our will after knowledge and having ability after we heard and saw and spoken the shahada and so living)

again.. We could not know Allah the unseen that there is nothing as like Him, without an example that will approach the idea to our mind. so Allah gave us life to understand what's mean Allah is Living(Al-7ayyou) just to approach the idea to our brain but no comparison between our life and Allah's life, cause he is living without a cause/causer and without start nor end...etc. just an example(not same).

we have some limited knowledge just an example to understand what is mean Allah is Al-3alim/knowing.. no comparison between ours and His.. as He know what was and what will be even the drop of water in the very dark night he know its location and its resting place, soub7anahou wa ta3ala. our will and His will no comparison as nothing will occur except by His will and plan and decree.. His Ability; He say to whatever He wills "be" and it is/become. His hearing His seeing not with ears or eyes and no voice or vision will make Him busy from hearing or seeing another voice or vision but he see all in same time He even hear what is inside our breasts soub7anahou wa ta3ala... His words we heard its example in souraht el-kahf, that if the sea/ocean was the ink of the words of our Lord, then the sea will finished before the words of our Lord is finished.. Sob7anak wa be7amdak ya rabbel 3alameen.

He willed to let us be as a khalifa on earth and created with some limited knowledge(whatever you have been given from knowledge is not but few 17:85), limited will(and you not will except when Allah wills 76:30), limited power/Ability(the power is to Allah all of it 2:165), limited hearing(If He knew in them any good then He will let them hear 8:23, limited seeing (and We made for them hearing and seeing and brains so their hearing, their seeing/vision nor their brains did not made them free of need a thing 46:26) and we are made speaking/speakers (Then by the Lord of the heaven and earth, indeed, it is truth – just as [sure as] it is that you are speaking.51:23) and limited life to understand the meaning of eternal life in the last day(It is He who bring life and cause death and to Him you will be returned 10:56)

I hope the idea is clear now.. Thus to every one of us who heard(a caller/messenger to the faith in Allah), and saw that it is the truth and believed and then knew knowledge about Allah after testifying the testimony/shahada and will to please Allah Allah will give him the ability to come to His way andget eternal life pleased with the Lord of the worlds the truth the real the clear(and that is the manifestation of the name of Allah An-nafi3ou) (the one who let us benefit)... and someone else have given the knowledge and heard the call to the iman but reject it and deny and willed something else.. Allah will also give him the ability to do bad deeds and it is the manifestation of the name of Allah Ad-daaarrou(the one who cause Harm)

and that is for every action we do.. for example you heard there is a girl behind you so it is known to you but in the same time you know that you should lower the gaze then it is you who will decide you want to look at her or not, it is your will.. and the ability(which is like soldiers of Allah or power from Allah installed in us) will follow your will if you want to look at her or not.. this example is to approach to you the idea of knowing, willing and ability.

sorry for the long post, may Allah uses us in the good and in bringing His good to others.. walhamdoulellahi rabbel 3alameen.. Assalaamou 3alaikum

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Yes, my dear brother we have been given a choice to either live by Allah's will or to follow our own fancies and desires. The dearest to Allah are those who follow His will just because they are the ones who have a complete trust in Him and are close to Him. Jazzak Allah Khairan

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Its a very simple answer.yes Allah has given us the power of choice. But allah has sent us to this world for worship only. So we need to make a choice either worship Allah and go paradise or do not worship allah n burn in hell. That is the truth. But if you worship allah with sincerity and love. Inshallah allah will make your life beautiful. Although we are bound to be in this world . We can make a choice. And thats tge truth

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Assalam alaiykum dear brother Faisal, we should not live our lives by our will but by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's will. Yes we have a choice and as you so perceptively stated, it needs to be with sincerity and love. Not for any other but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta' ala. Jazak Allah khair.

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man is automatically aware that he possesses freedom in his actions; he can decide as he wishes and fashion his own fate in accordance with his own will and inclinations. The existence that decrees responsibility for man, the regret man feels for certain acts he commits, the punishments the law provides for criminals, the deeds men accomplish in order to change the course of history, the foundation of science and technology—all of these prove man to be free in his actions.

Likewise, the question of man's religious accountability, the sending of the Prophets, the proclamation of divine messages, and the principle of resurrection and judgment—all these rest on man's free will and choice in the acts he performs.

'Men at all times are in need of God, and it is He alone Who is utterly free of need.' (35:15)

All essences derive from His will and are dependent on Him; all phenomena are continually sustained by Him. The powerful and magnificent order of the universe is oriented to one pole alone and turns on one axis alone.

Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq, upon whom be peace, said: "The power and might of Allah are too lofty for aught to occur in the universe that is contrary to His will."1

Had God not bestowed on us the principle of free will and were He not in every instant to endow us with life, resources and energy, we would never be able to do anything. For it is His unchanging will that has determined that we should perform volitional acts according to free will, thereby fulfilling the role He has assigned to us. He has willed that man should construct his own future, good or bad, bright or dark, in accordance with his own discernment and desires.

Our volitional acts are, then, connected both with ourselves and with Allah. We can use the resources Allah has placed at our disposal in full awareness either to uplift and improve ourselves in accordance with a correct choice, or to plunge into corruption, sin and self-indulgence. It remains, of course, true that the scope of our volitional acts lies within a fixed framework; power is from Allah, and the use made of it, from us.

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