Assamu alaikum.... I am a 28yr old female, educated, and have a very good job hardworking . I have always focuse on my education, have being single all my life and never dated a guy. Even though i lived in a country were there there is alot of non muslims, i have always try to stick to the muslim religion. I pray five times a day and I also fast. I feel like there is something missing in my life, which is a good husband. I have always make dua to Allah for him to give me a good husband but am still single. I want to get married and have kids. I am really really confuse because I want to have kids but don't want to commit adultery. Sometimes I felt like allah have forgotton about me, as my younger sisters are already married. I met this guy and have been thinking about him since the day that I saw him. I think I have falling in love with him, even though he does not know and might not even know that I exist. I have make dua to Allah that if he thinks this guy is good for me in my religious, this world and in the future let him please make him to love me and ask for my hand in marry. Also I ask allah to pls make me to stop loving him and thinking about him if he thinks he is not the best person for me. I am confuse as I just can't stop thinking about him. Why am I still thinking about a guy who does not even know my name? Should I tell him how I am feeling? PLEASE HELP!!!

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