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Salams Its been almost 4 years i am married. Its personal but i need a solution to this. In early marriage my husband and i shared a good relationship but gradually i realized he is moving away from me. He dislikes sitting close to me or even touching me. We have no physical intimacy past one year. on the other hand he is loitering out and also clubbing. He never takes me out anywhere. i live in a joint family. I have always obeyed whatever he ordered me to do so. (wearing abaya, no makeup etc).Stil he never wills to even sit close by my side. I feel so neglected in this matter. I suspect he is having an extra marital affair. I got this info from an anonymous person. He says this is not true but his behaviour in this matter does make me suspect he is cheating on me and he has no love for me. I have always been loyal to him.THESE 4 years i have gone through so much which is unbearable for me to go on like this. So i want to know i can divorce him in ths matter. pls help me out and answer at your earliest convienince

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If the marriage is becoming a conflict, yes you can divorce.

As Allah stated in Baqarah [2:227]:

"And if they decide on divorce - then indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing."

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