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Please explain why these things are halal or not.

  1. Soaps and hand sanitizers with alcohol / gelatin
  2. Listening to clean music
  3. Watching clean TV shows
  4. Dancing JUST with your friends

Thank-you for your help!

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Salam brother or sister, I am going to give you the link so you can find the answer for your question


Watching tv

Dancing in islam

Thank you brother or sister and Salam peace be upon you

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Assalyam ualeikum! Is it halal or haram to remove excess fat from a lower eyelid? I know that changing smth in appearance is haram. I don't want to change something cardinally in my appearance. AlhamduliLlah I am grateful to Allah for my appearance. But circles and excess fat under my eyes are making me upset and I feel not comfortably myself. Thank you!

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