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i was watching stossel the other night and he had a segment about iran allowing people to sell kidneys.

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can you donate them after you're dead? or a kidney when alive, you only need one. you can donate blood right?

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thanks, but i can google, what is your opinion? again he mentions some "scholars" who are more worried about the dignity of the human body, even when dead. does this make sense to you? what if someone is in a coma. technically they are alive, right? so would it be haram to "pull the plug"? of course you would take the organs first.

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Consider a computer hard drive is being selled and you think it's ok. Same thing applies to humans, when you sell an organ, as Medicine states, your organism will have a hard time functioning without the organ that was sold. Period.

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what if you're already dead? that's when most organs are harvested.

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Salaam, this link may shed some light on your question. Basically, organ selling is not allowed.

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shed some light? sounded to me like no, yes and a maybe on even doing transplants. perhaps my question was to limited because i had read the islamqa guy's fatawa (siting a fiqh council's ruling) on transplants, and i guess being an arab he fell in the yes opinion. so i figured donating/receiving was allowed. but now your link has the pakistani/indians saying no to any transplants? and i assume no to autopsies as well? their obsession with the sanctity of the human body, even after death would lead me to believe you wouldn't even be allowed to dissect cadavers in medical school.

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Allah strictly restricts harming yourself. So no.

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