talking to a cousin of mine 3 years my parents like him a lot bit he is not much of deen..and from one month I focused myself only in deen I pray 5 times a day..can I give a chance to us im in doubt becoz of deen matter but sometimes I think I could change him I can guide him to where I was guided ALHAMDULLILAH. .SO WHAT CAN I DO?Do you think I can give him a chance?

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Need to be answered but I also think this need to be post on community site. Salam

(Nov 13 '13 at 12:23) Bibi Amina ♦ Bibi%20Amina's gravatar image

Im waiting for your answers brothers and sistera

(Nov 26 '13 at 02:34) suniza suniza's gravatar image


i dont think you should. It is better to find a religious person and marry him. The prophet (Saw) said - اظفر بذات الدين - marry the one who is religious. thus, that should be the biggest prority, especially if you are religious yourself.


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