Asalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. I am currently on fasting, started yesterday for repaying my missed fasts during the month of Ramadan, I couldn't make it (fasting) because I was sick for almost more than a month.

Here it comes the first month of Muharram, which has the week for fasting with countless rewards.. (not compulsory)..

Monday 11/11/13 Deeds are presented to Allah

Tuesday 12/11/13 9th of Muharam (Tasooa'a) Sunnah to fast

Wednesday 13/11/13 Ashoura - fasting forgives the sins of the past year

Thursday 14/11/13 Deeds are presented to Allah

Friday 15/11/13 You might as well fast it

Saturday 16/11/13 The beginning of the 3 white days

Sunday 17/11/13 The second white day of Muharam

Monday 18/11/13 The last white day of Muharam.

During these days mentioned above, inshaallah I will be on fast, but I want to know, can I be among those who will get these rewards fasting during the mentioned days above, while I am fasting for repaying my missed fasts?

**REMEMBER: The Prophet said: “Anyone who fasts for one day for Allah’s pleasure, Allah will keep his face away from the (Hell) fire for (a distance covered by a journey of) seventy years.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Allah knows best.

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Need to be answered

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Salam sister, Inshallah you will be among those who will get the reward for fasting ,if you indeed fast the way in mention in Quran. Salam and Allah knows.

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