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As Salam o alikum,

Iam 250yr old Planning to get marry , but iam loving a girl, that girl is not fair so my family members are not agreeging for me to get marry their, and the family back ground is not so good, so my parents are telling me to wait we will search a girl, but iam unable to convience the girl that my parents not agreeing , she is threatnin me that she wont get marry if i leave her, iam confused on taking the decission, please suggest...

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If you like her and she likes you, ... where is the problem. Shaitan is getting between the people involved. Your not getting married to her family and you will start a new life with her. Why are your parents not supporting you iif everything is according to the sunnah and the quran. Getting married is VERY easy, but people make it very complicated now our days. They will drive you crazy. If you love her and she loves you, get married before allah gets displeased with you. Make sure its done in a halal way so allah may reword you and bless you. Get the blessing of your parents and let them know of your decision if you have come to one. If your mother is not please, kiss her feet and find a way to please her as your paradise is beneath her feats. Make sure your mother is please before doing anything. REMEMBER: your mother is the most valuable person after Allah and the beloved prophet pbuh. Salam- may allah help you thru this hardship.

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