My brother is marrying a non muslim girl, who is converting to Islam just to get married and doesnt want to be a practicing muslim.(She just converted her name to muslim name, just for the record). How should we handle this?

We are worried for our brother , please advice

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The truth is you don't really know whats in her heart. MAYBE she does want to become muslim from the heart. Thats between her and god. And even if she doesn't actually become muslim from the heart then that would become apparent in their marriage. And if it has to break then it will break. Its all in hands of god. Some lessons have to be learnt through making mistakes. GOD always has a better plan.

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In addition, it is observed marriages like these possibly face failure and in the end, the converted person again begins to follow previous faith as that had not accepted Islam as an utmost religion. As Holy Quran says that if, enter in Islam then enter it completely.

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