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i am a mother of 2 i was previously married and have 2 beautiful kids Alhamdulillah i am now divorced and have been divorced for 2 years i am now in a relationship with a guy who is not close to deen as i am seeking to try to get close to my deen even though i am commiting a major sin by being in a haram relationship and also comitted zina and now i am preganant with my third child i want to have an abortion because i dont want to be with this guy anymore we have lots of arguments and i am not happy anymore i dont want to make Allah upset more than i already have pleaseeee helppp meee!!

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Asalaam o alaikum, sister, please firstly do not abort the child, this i feel is haram and Allah will provide for you. There are Quranic ayats pertaining to this question of abortion, Ask Allah to forgive you and provide for you and your next child. You made a mistake, or bad choices, but Allah is most merciful. Just do not kill your child!! This is an unacceptable decision, even if you now dislike the father of this child. Turn to Allah in true sincerity and improve your imam, and keep away from Zina in the future, try to follow the sunnah in finding your next partner/ husband.

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May Allah's Peace and Mercy Be Upon You.

First of all, forget about the abortion! On the other hand, you shall not marry the guy you've committed zina too. What you can do is to give birth to the child, repent to Allah and grow the child like he's/she's been your real child. Do not commit the same mistake again, for it is a punishable action.

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thank you soo much sisters I would definetily keep the baby and would not want to commit another sin in having an abortion I was just confused in what to do but the guy wants to marry me so I don't know shall I take this step because I am carrying his baby or what shall I do?

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