Salamualaikum I wanted to ask if it is mentioned in any hadith or verse in the Quran whether the male sperm ıs specifically compared to a tadpole because I think I had either read this or heard of this a while back. I would just like to confirm whether it is true and if so which verse or hadith is it located in? Shukran

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somewhat it goes through the process of what it looks like as it planted in the ebryo. in the quran it says (translation) we created man from an extract of clay. then we made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. then we made the drop into a alaqah (a leech like creature) then we made the alaqah into a mudghah(a chewed substance). 23:12-14 as you have read it says that we were made into a drop or sperm them we were set in a place of settlement firmly fixed, we werent from the sperm that escaped and we made it, then we made the drop into a alaqah the first proces if you compare looks like a leech then the next stage a chewed substance , in the next process if you compare the emryo starts to grow ridges on the edge that look like teeth marks and scientest have only recenly discovered this somthing that was writted more that 14,000 years ago

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