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Assalamo a'likum... Is it ok to talk to a boy on the internet ? But about islam only not other bad things. Just to help each other improve our faith. Please, answer.

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if this man wants help with deen please have a muslim brother help him with it it isnt hallal for you to do it. there was a story of a man who took in a lady in his house because her brothers asked him because they were going on a trip for a year and didnt want anything bad to happen to her. he was the most pious man in the land and so he accepted. he wouldnt go near her house only worked out in their feild as he watched to make sure nothing bad happened, the shaytann told the man why do you go send her a plate of food so she wont starve it seemed reasnoble so he listened but only put the food outside the door then the next day he was gonna do the same the shaytan said why dont you take it inside the kitchen because a man might see her and want her for his own and he agreed and began taking it inside, the next day he was gonna do the same the shaytan said the kitchen has a window it would be better to take it to her room, so he began doing so the next day he was giving the food the shaytaan said look at her she looks very sad and lonley why dont you confort her so he started talking to her in a friendly matter nothing bad, and so the next day he did the same and as time went by they got closer and closer untill they commited zina, so 9 months later and this lady has a baby the man finds out the men are goming back from their year long trip the shaytan told him what have you done if these men find out they will kill you it would be best to kill the child, so he listned and killed his son. then the shaytan said now the girl is extremly depressed she will tell the brothers what you have done and kill you, you should kill the girl too so he killed the women and buried her in the same hole. the men came and questioned him where the lady was and he lied and said she died of a disease so they visited her grave and mourned the same night one of the men had a dream from allah to dig up the grave because there was somthing hidden, when the man woke up he told his brothers they agreed and they went to dig up the grave in there they found their sister with a newborn child and they knew what he had done. so he went on trial was found guilty and right before he was about to be stonned the devil came and said it looks like you truley need my help right now, the man instead of doing istighfar and repented for all he had done agreed to help from the devil once more the devil said under one condition you must bow down to me so the man agreed and worshipped the devil at the last moment of his death the devil thanked him and left never to return again and the man was stonned and died right after preforming shirk. so you see even somthing that started out as somthing pure and he was helping this women he ended up doing the worst of major sinns. i dont know the source of this story but i heard it at a lecture

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Salam, The messenger [saw] have said, if there are a female and a male together alone by themselves who are stranger to one another the third person is shaitan with them.

This Hadith gives us the hukum of that no male and female who are stranger to each other can not be in the same place together, which is general to mean by physically together or else, because the ruling here is that shaitan is the third person with them beautifying and encouraging them to get closer, whether they are on the phone or on the internet talking to each other alone and he whispers in to their hearts with desires and tells them first your only doing this to get closer to Allah and your only learning your religion and by doing this he has giving the justification for talking to each other alone.

Therefore, the ruling in Islam to be alone with each other male and female who are none muhrim is Haram and forbidden whether be in a room or on the phone or on the internet, and who so ever fears Allah should stay away from this actions which are the ways of shaitan in which he tricks with the Muslims so they disobey Allah and we ask Allah to protect us Ameen. Allah knows best

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Mustafa peace be upon him Says : (No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytaan is third of whom) I advise you do not speak with men Do not lie to yourself and say that we are talking in ranges How many scandals have occurred and was the first of it an innocent conversation in Messenger

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