Was paradise always free from evil?

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Ws Satan lied to Adam.a lie is evil, evil was in paradise

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Asalaam o alaikum, The Evil that exists, is part of the trials that we face here upon Earth. Paradise is a place of perfection and no corruption exists.In the first place Jannah was and has always been free from evil. Allah made it so and willed shatan to deceive Adam and Eve, as part of the trials mankind is to partake in. Shatan refusing to bow down to Adam was the first signs of Haughtiness, which Allah placed in the mind of Shatan. So no evil took place in Jannah as we perceive evil as being today on Earth. InshaAllah, this is correct, only Allah knows best.

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When Satan was paradise he lied to Adam, and a lie is evil which means evil was in paradise

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