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one men pray everyday five times but he bad person.another men doesn't pray everyday but he is a very good person.who is follow islam properly?

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Need to be answered plz

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Salam, Please visit this site to find out more about your question.

In short words I will say if a person behaviour is not nice then how he/she is a best Muslim. Please do visite this below site too

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Your heart can only be in judgement of rule by command of your feelings & order of emotions if you perceive to have done many rights or the opposing many wrongs influencing what you've done by your soul reactions of choice along its many righteous path of experience & memory.

The feelings & emotions of Joy & Happiness opposing Pain & Sadness can & usually will alert you to what you have chosen to experience in painful memory from experience or in bliss full memory of the experience, so what decisions of choices you have made along your soul journey to experience which can be either negative or positive forming reactions or actions without judgment.

Does this mean if i feel Sad & Pain i am a wrong doer or a sinner, i think not as explained above the emotions are a reflection of ones polarities that the soul has chosen to journey back to its equilibrium on which are choice based simply actions to the reactions of life. So if for example i am hurt i react in pain and sorrow this is a reflection of what i can learn without doing wrong deeds in my path to the stairway of heaven.

Basically We make many life's choices & these choices influence our experience of our life's packaged emotions accepting these emotions can make you happy & rejecting these emotions can cause trauma & pain and vise verse.

There are many environmental factors that influence the resulting human experience of emotions of choice but its always the choices we make that will always result in us expanding our experiences to make & understand our appropriate choices to become able to make a choice based on your situation.

Therefore judgment may only come & exists in total purity of its holiest form and is only done so by the greater wisdom that of man or the higher self or angles. So man must know he can always be willfully better in his actions that have been contaminated more towards internal of his self & than external of his self or towards others.

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To be muslim is when you declare the shahadah . To be a believer is when the articles of faith enters ones Heart , and in his actions you see it. Not every muslim is a believer, every believer is a muslim. Salaam

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