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Can someone explain sura 53:19-20 ? Sura 53:19-20 instructs Muslims to worship the daughters of the moon god , Allah . The moon god Allah , was married to Allat, the sun goddess. They had three daughters, Al-lat, Al-uzza and the third Manat. So does this verses still exist in the Quran today? I just googled this and read about this but most Muslims claim google is evil and tells lies about Islam. So where can I find a real Quran and read about the daughters of the moon god in sura 53:19-20?

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what are you talking about we dont belive in the satanic verses or belive in the sun god and moon god we say it every day "the only god is Allah and muhammad is his messenger" the verses say (and i know arabic) have you thought of al-lat and al-uzzah, these were popular godesses worshipped by the people of jahiliya or ignorance not the muslims and this verse is saying have you ever thought of the rationality of worshipping such things, not to worship them, these were given as an example because the people of the tribe that worshipped these people were the same people talked about in surat al feel they are the army that tried to destroy the kaabah and allah is asking have they ever consired the rationallity of worshipping al-lat and al-uzzah, what about the third one manat and you left out the ayah right afterwards it says, shall you have the male issues and he the female issues, which means the male of these tribes see women as an issue making them an issue themselves and he the female issues mean the female you see as an issue is "he" or the lord. Allah is pointing out that in this tribe they used to kill women because they are seen as a disgrace and yet the same people they bury alive they have made their idols in shapes of them. this is why its best to read it in arabic if you want a good islamic website that has a close meaning to the true this you can click here and yes they are still in the quran all qurans everywhere are the same as when they were created we are not ashamed of such verse nor do we erase things we feel people might misunderstand because if somone has profound knowledge of the quran they would understand what is said and even if others do not understand we will not take somthing of allah word that is good just because others precive it as bad as the chritians did with the bible over the years when they "translated it"

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(here this and Unsearnd that I have conveyed to you Precisely what the Sura is all about(today and the Day after) They are Almighty Words (1:2) Praise 2 be to Allah, the Lord 3 of the entire universe

أَفَرَأَيْتُمُ اللَّاتَ وَالْعُزَّى ﴿53:19﴾ (53:19) Have you ever thought about al-Lat and al-Uzza, *15 وَمَنَاةَ الثَّالِثَةَ الْأُخْرَى ﴿53:20﴾ (53:20) and about the third deity, al-Manat? ::::

15 That is,

"You regard the teachings being given to you by Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace and blessings) as erroneous and falsehood, whereas he is being given this knowledge by Allah

, and Allah has made him see with his own eyes the verities to which he is testifying before you. Now consider it for yourself as to how irrational are the beliefs that you are following persistently and''

as to whom you are causing loss by opposing and resisting the person who is guiding you to the Right Way.

In this connection, especially the three goddesses that were worshipped generally by the people of Makkah, Ta'if and other parts of Hejaz have been taken as an example.

About them, they have been asked:

Have you ever considered rationally whether they could have even the slightest role in the affairs of the Godhead of the earth and heavens?

Or could they bear any relationship whatever with the Lord of the Universe?

The shrine of Lat was in Ta'if and the Bani Thaqif were so devoted to it that when Abraha was advancing to Makkah with his army of elephants to destroy the Ka'bah, the people only in order to save the temple of their deity had provided the wicked man with guides to lead him to Makkah so that he should spare Lat, **

whereas like all the Arabs the people of Thaqif also believed that the Ka'bah is Allah's House.

Scholars have disputed the meaning of Lat. According to Ibn Jarir Tabari, it is the feminine gender of AIlah, i.e. originally this word was allahatun which became al-Lat**. According to Zamakhshari, it is derived from hva yalvi, . which means to turn to or bow to somebody. As the polytheists turned to it for worship and bowed to it and circumambulated it, it began to be called Lat.

Ibn 'Abbas _reads it as left (with a stress on t) and holds it is derived from latt yalittu, which means to churn and mix together.

*He and Mujahid state that

this, in fact, was a man, who lived on a rock near Ta'if, and used to entertain the pilgrims to Makkah with barley drinks and food. When he died the people built a shrine to him on the same rock and began to worship him. But this explanation of Lat, in spite of having been reported on the authority of scholars like Ibn 'Abbas and Mujahid, is not acceptable for two reasons. First, that in the Qur'an it has been called Lat and not Latt; second, that the Qur'an describes all the three as goddesses, and according to this tradition Lat was a man, not a woman.

'Uzza is derived from 'izzat, and it means the one (female) enjoying veneration and respect. This was the special goddess of the Quraish and her shrine was situated at Hurad in the valley of Nakhlah, between Makkah and Ta'if. ( For the location of Nakhlah, see E.N. 33 of Surah AL-Ahqaf).

The people of Bani Shaiban, who were the allies of the Bani Hashim, were its attendants.

The Quraish and the people of other tribes paid visits to it and presented offerings and made sacrifices to it.

As for the Ka`bah sacrificial animals were driven to it also and it was held in the highest esteem.

Ibn Hisham relates that when Abu Uhaihah was on the point of death, Abu Lahab paid him a visit and found him weeping. Abu Lahab asked, °Why do you weep, Abu Uhaihah ? Are you afraid of death ?-and death is the destiny of everybody !" He said, `By God, I do not weep because of the fear of death, but I am grieved to think as to how 'Uzza will be worshipped after me. " Abu Lahab said, "It was neither worshipped for your sake in your lifetime, nor will it be given up after you have left the world." Abu Uhaihah said, 'Now I am satisfied that there are people who will take my place after me."

The shrine of Manat was situated at Qudaid by the Red Sea between Makkah and Madinah, and the people of Khuza`ah and Aus and Khazraj were in particular its great devotees.

People visited it as pilgrims, circumambulated it and made offerings and sacrifices before it.

In the Hajj months as soon as the pilgrims became free from their visit to the Ka`bah and the religious services at Mina and 'Arafat, they would start raising cries of °Labbaik, labbaik"even there for the purpose of visiting Manat, and the people who intended to go on this second "hajj" did not run between the Safa and the Marwah.

Please note:

i need you to help me Please:-

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@ NesreenA - Thanks for the response to my question . It was pretty informative . So I must ask , before Muhammad was born , was there a moon-god that was worshipped name "al-ilah" or not ???

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it was at the time of muhammads life and before he was born it was a custom still going around it was a tribe that had not accepted islam and the name was al-illat as in the feminine pronoun of Allah's name

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I am going to make this simple. There are hundreds of thousands of Qur'anic manuscripts from the first few centuries of Islam, including even from the first century of Islam. Are there ANY manuscripts that contain verses that praise al-Lat and al-Uzza? If not, then the whole story (no matter who it is reported by) remains conjecture without any evidence.

The entire call of Islam was based on monotheism and rejection of the pagan gods. Had the Prophet Muhammad "compromised" and suddenly praised three goddesses of the pagan Arabs, he would have forever lost credibility among his followers (who had forsaken the pagan gods in favour of Muhammad's message of One God) and his movement would have ceased to exist.

A bit of common sense goes a long way.

mellowone: please stop cutting and pasting.

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@ anwarx - why ?

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because u obviously think u can out smart Muslims but, u FAIL. In-fact ur ignorance is the reason why people search for Islam to find the truth, to educate themselves from false claims by non-Muslims who are uneducated and egocentric "mr. thinks-he-knows-it-all". I think maybe part of will never dare to speak to a Muslim or visit a Mosque because ur afraid u might find all ur answers you neede or never knew u neede.

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If people said more positive things people will see the PEACE Islam and u can't find anyone to blame for ur problems. May God help Guide everyone (whether it is to Islam or any religion), because in Islam unlike other religions we believe God give equal fair trial to enter Paradise, it just depends on our accomplishes for the better, Islam means peace, obedience and submission to God. Muslim means to surrender to God, which means anyone devoted to God is a Muslim.

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this is site to educate, I hope u have find peace?

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The creator in his wisdom unquestionably the greatest sent his word via one of his angels to be related to us humans in a very special way He chose a man who did not know how to read nor write This man was made to utter the very words placed upon his tongue The tongue is undoutedly our greatest instrument of direct communication This man was also a unique character who not only spoke the word but by devine intervention he had the ability to live his life by every chord and code from his utterance while remaining human in every way So allah swt gave Mankind this beautiful code of conduct not only by word but also by the living example of and from our own kind That human being was muhammad sas who Allah swt said was his final messenger So when we are contemplating the word of allah which in book form is the Quran or discussing his prophet sas we should do so with utmost admiration and respect for our own respect and success lies herein.

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mellowone: Now here is the question for you. Out of hundreds of thousands of extant manuscripts of the Qur'an from the first few centuries after Hijra, can you actually produce a single one that contains these so-called "Satanic verses". In other words, do you have any physical evidence for your claims?

You are welcome to cut & paste as much as you want in responding to this question. Please, however, try to stick to answering this one simple question.


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mellowone: Because cutting & pasting wholesale is typical troll behaviour and it displays a lack of creative thought on the part of the person doing it. It also requires the person responding to address the contents of an entire essay, contents which you may or may not have reviewed and understood yourself.

If you prefer an artificial back-and-forth, then go ahead and continue cutting & pasting. But be warned: I will be cutting & pasting equally lengthy responses from Islamic websites that not only respond to "your" points but will also be addressing the same issues in the Bible.

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@ anwarx - Then by all means do so . Perhaps then , I can get some actual answers of validity . Now , also let me tell you that I do not troll around on the computer looking for some "wise crack" to say or ask . I don't have time for that kinda garbage . I may have come across a particular question that was something that I too have interest in , and was worded better than I could have .. So What ! What difference does it make ?? Either you can answer a particular question or you can't . Simple as that . Don't try and dictate me at all . It wont work . And for your information , I Am Not an "evangelical christian" so chill with the corny and false accusations dude ...

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This is what I'm talking about. What do you mean by "actual answers of validity"? Which of your answers did I not respond to properly? Quite the opposite-- you have not responded to my responses.

Still waiting on you to comment on Qur'an 41:37.

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@ anwarx - that was a great answer and response , thanks .

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I am not talking about anything conjectural here. I am talking about the thousands of physical manuscripts of the Qur'an from the first few centuries of Islam, which are to be found in museums all over the world. Admittedly, there are probably hundreds of thousands of such manuscripts, most of them not having been categorized and displayed yet. But out of the thousands that are on display or have been studied and/or published, there is not one that contains anything of these so-called "Satanic verses".

The idea of a verse praising al-Lat or al-Uzza simply does not fit in with the rest of the verse in which it was supposed to have occurred. As I said, this is common sense. Imagine if you and your friends forsook your family and riches in order to follow a man who was saying that there is only One God. Next week, if he suddenly decided that there are multiple gods, what would that do to your faith? What would that do to the credibility of that preacher/prophet? In fact, what exactly would make his message any different from the message of the pagans? They believe in multiple gods, and he believes in multiple gods. What exactly would be the difference? Islam would cease to exist as a separate monotheistic movement.

The Prophet got his message straight, as attested to by HUNDREDS of his disciples who have testified to that through hundreds of thousands of hadiths. There is not one single hadith that speaks of the Prophet Muhammad preaching anything other than monotheism. You have hundreds of thousands of hadiths to work with, but you will not be able to find one that substantiates this story. This story is from Seerah literature which came much later and which lacked the necessary isnaad (verifiable and trustworthy chain of transmission) which could give it any real credibility. Now from a Christian perspective, hey, it's as good as any gospel. But from the perspective of Muslims, we do not base any belief on hearsay or unsubstantiated reports.

Get this straight. It is not about harmonizing things or only accepting what concurs with my belief system. No. Tabari could have reported something exceedingly positive and impressive about the Prophet, but if it lacks the proper isnaad, we will reject it. Had Tabari narrated that the Prophet Muhammad stayed awake for 30 days and nights consecutively in worship of God, we would still ask the same questions:

  • Why is it not reported in the Qur'an?
  • Why is it not reported by any of the Prophet's hundred disciples via the verifiable hadiths with isnaads?
  • If Tabari did not get this information from the Qur'an or the hadiths, where did he get it from? What is his independently-provided isnaad for this particular narration? Is there any?

So if anything, we are the ones who avoid basing our beliefs on simple conjecture.

By the way, everything that you allege about the Prophet Muhammad is exactly what the Jews accused Jesus of. Do not think that this is new, or that the Prophet Muhammad is any different in this regard. It is the same pattern of disbelief and rejection that faces any bona fide Prophet of God.

  • the opponents of Jesus accused him of being worldly and carnal-minded; he was accused of being gluttonous and a wine-drinker (two specific accusations that were never made against the Prophet Muhammad, actually)-- see Matthew 11:19

  • here's what some of the Jews said to Jesus: "Now we know that you have a devil!" -- see John 8:52

  • they also said of Jesus, "He has a demon, and he is mad" -- see John 10:20

This fits into the prophetic pattern perfectly-- ie. that the Prophet Muhammad should likewise be charged by his opponents of being devil-possessed and mad. It is exactly-- word-for-word-- what was said about the previous prophets, including Jesus (peace be upon him). The Jews missed the boat with Jesus; you missed the boat with Muhammad. Peace be upon them both.

If it was as simple as "Common sense goes a long way which is why I am not a Muslim", I don't think you would be here. I think you are missing something, you are searching for something, and you are fascinated (if not obsessed) with Islam, the Qur'an, and the Prophet Muhammad. I would not, for example, spend a single minute of my time on a Freemason or Illuminati discussion chat room, trying to persuade these guys that they are wrong, that they are fools for believing what they believe, and that my belief system and worldview have a better grounding in reality than theirs. The reason I don't do that is because I don't think their worldview even qualifies for being taken seriously, and hence I do not waste any of my time on them.

By the way, I'm doing well, thanks for asking. I disappear sometimes, but rest assured, I will continue to come back so long as you are here, God willing.

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