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Salamou Aleykum brothers and sisters, A friend of mine has been asking me a question and I don't know the correct answer. He's been livind abroad for over 5 years and met a muslim sister and married her without telling both families. According to them they've been doing well and after quiet years he's ready to ask directly her hand to her family so the question is should they get divorce or remarry her without telling their families that they are actually married?. Please keep in mind that at the time they got married it was impossible for them to tell their family due to some issues. Thank you for your help May Allah bless you

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Scholars differ in this matter between the 4 madahibs, some say the woman can marry without the permission of her wali or her family and some say it is not allowed.

Abu Hanifa gave Fatwa that the woman can marry without the permission of her wali, this means all those who follow his madhab who are hanafis their woman marry without the permission of her wali if they want and it is allowed for them and that their marriage is Halal.

Therefore according to this Fatwa their marriage is lawful as long as they are both Muslim and that they do not need to re marry nor does he needs to ask her hand to her family as they are married already.

So what they need to do is tel the family that they are married already and that they have been together for they are Halal for each other and if they are from Pakistan or Turkey or any where in that area where they are Hanafis and they follow Abu Hanifa then they will not have any problem with the marriage. Allah knows best.

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i dont belive that they are married either the parents or a mahram must be hteir so if at least one of their uncles, granfathers or brothers were there its okay but if not its invalid i think they should go to a sheikh and get remmaried with one of the mahrams there but then again im not an expert in this subject.....Allah knows best

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