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Salam, I have a problem with the pray, today I was out and I came back to my home very late, I couldn't pray moghrob and asha because it was very late. My doubt is if I can pray it althought is late or pray the two salat tomorrow at time?, I mean twice every one. Thank you so much, this page is very usefull. Help me please and Thank you.

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Assalamu 'Alaiykum

The schedule of Muslim prayer is one that is generous and flexible. There are five prayers to be performed, during various periods of time throughout the day and if sometimes for unavoidable reasons, we miss a prayer, we need to make up that missed prayer at the first opportunity.

First, it is important to note that we are required to pray within the specified times. There is wisdom in the Islamic prayer schedule, setting times throughout the day to "take a break" to remember Allah Subhanahu Wa Taála's blessings and to seek His guidance.

If a prayer is missed, and being made up, this is known as Qadaa'. For example, if one misses the noon prayer because of a work meeting that could not be interrupted, one should pray as soon as the meeting is over. If the next prayer time has already come, one should first perform the prayer that was missed, and immediately after it the “on time” prayer. Jazakallah

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Jazakallah khayran dear bother.

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Any Salaat performed in it's TIME is called ADAA.

FARZ and WAAJIB Salaat performed AFTER it's time has EXPIRED will be called QAZAA.

E.G. If ASR Salaat is performed at MAGHRIB time, it will be QAZAA.

To DELAY any FARZ, WAJIB or SUNNATE MUAKKADAH Salaat INTENTIONALLY and cause them to become QAZAA is very SINFUL.

It is COMPULSORY upon every MUSLIM to perform the missed number of Farz and Waajib Salaat since the time one has become baaligh (reached the age of PUBERTY).

If a person has missed less than SIX Salaat and no other Salaat besides these are QAZAA, then BEFORE beginning the performance of the SIXTH Salaat in it's time, QAZAA of the missed number of Salaat will have to be performed in ORDER, e.g. If a person has missed the Fajr, Zohar and Asr Salaat and no other Salaat besides these are Qazaa and the time of Maghrib has begun, in this case FIRST the Fajr, Zohar and Asr must be performed in order and thereafter the Maghrib Salaat should be performed.

If there is FEAR that by performing the Qazaa Salaat, the time for the Adaa Salaat will EXPIRE, then the ADA Salaat must be performed FIRST.

For a person who has missed more than FIVE Salaat, it is NOT necessary upon him to perform the Qazaa Salaat in ORDER.

He may perform the ADAA Salaah first and then the QAZAA Salaat.


When making the NIYYAT for QAZAA, It is necessary to make Niyyah for the particular Namaaz missed.

If one has missed a number of Salaat, then one should make Niyyat (intention) thus: "I am performing such and such day's Fajr or Zohar."

If a person has missed MORE than ONE Fajr or Zohar, it will NOT be sufficient to say: "I am performing Qazaa for Fajr or Zohar." One should say: "I am performing such and such day's Fajr."

If one has missed so many Farz Salaat that one does NOT remember the exact number of days when the Salaat was missed, then the Niyyat should be made as follows: "Oh Allah! I am performing the FIRST or the FIRST Zohar Farz from those which I have missed." Continue doing this until satisfied that all the missed number of Salaat are performed.

May Allah forgive us and guide us all,. May He let us attain sincerity in our salah.

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Please explain your question aga clearly

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Okay, today I didn't pray the two latest salat because I was outside, and when I came back to my home to pray, the time of salah had passed, so I didn't Know what to do, if I pray although is late or wait for tomorrow and pray them in time?

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Salam or brother, First Brother try not to miss any of the salah or prayer because you will get more reward than prayering later or missing it, I will also mention this you can catch up with thoses prayer which you had mention.... I will post you other post which will teach you hob to prayer missed salah.


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