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Please answer in brief details of 2nd rakha Bitir salath..... Does we recite the TASHUDD and Stand like Magrib Salath ? ? ?

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Sister or brother please check this website and tell me if you find your answer in this site.

If you don't then let me know and I will try to find other site which will help you

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You meant Witr/odd salaah/prayer, right? Witr is a confirmed/mouakkada sunnah that the prophet get use to seal his prayers at night with it, between Eisha and Fajr.

witr can be prayed 1, 3, 5, 7, 9...13. it can be prayed two and two rakaa and seal them with one rakaa(each with tashahoud and tasleem).. or it can be prayed all rakaah together with one tashahoud and one tasleem.. or it can be prayed two then two rakaa for ten rakaa, and then two rakaa of shaf3 and one rakaa of witr.. each with its tashahoud and tasleem.. or two then two for the 10 prayers(or any number) and then the shaf3 and witr together(as three rakaa)(as maghrib) but with one tashahoud and one tasleem.. or with two tashahoud and one tasleem.

and Allah knows better Al salaamou alaikoum

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