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Assalamu Alaikum,

How are you. I have fallen in love with Urdu Girl and she also loves me. She is from (Sheik)Urdu Muslim. Her family is restricting Our Marriage because I am Tamil (Sunni)Muslim. I seriously don't Understand what is the difference between Tamil and Urdu Muslim. Our Family is Sunni Muslim. Our family Ready to accept her. She wants her family to accept me so everything will go fine. please let us know the difference between Tamil and Urdu Muslim. Help me on this

Regards Ijaz ahamed

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Thank U so Much for your clarification....

Allah Haafiz

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just to be clear, when I say Muslim, I mean Sunni Muslim. If she was Shia, I don't know if it's permissible to do so.

(Nov 17 '13 at 11:25) anonymo anonymo's gravatar image

No there is no difference between Urdi Muslim and Tamil Muslim. The Prophet (s) said in hadith, "There is no difference between Arabs and non-Arabs except through righteousness."

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Brother first what on earth is an urdu Muslim.theres no such thing.a muslim is a muslim and thats it.there is no long as you believe in allah n his final prophet I don't see any other reason.

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Salam , Brother there dint any different between Muslim where their are Arab or Urdu girl as you mention. There is something different between thoses two which are the culture that all.

May Allah reward you Salam

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