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Selamun Aleykum, I did istikhara 2 months ago about whether making dua for getting married to a particular man is good or bad. I do not have any connection to him but I want to get married to him. I did istikhara many times and I generally saw bright green, blue colours and fresh water. However, in all my dreams I was hesitating to make dua for him since we had never seen each other. In real life I do have the very same hesitation. Two months ago, I made another istikhara to ask the same question. In my dream I saw him and his sister with me. We were in a green place. His sister was trying to take me somewhere. I heard someone saying to me that I will never wear hijab if I marry to him. I stopped and said: 'I will never do something which will make Allah angry to me. Allah is the most important'. After this I started to walk to an opposite direction and the man and his sister started to follow me. At that moment, I saw the sky was so bright and opened into two. There was a light bright red line on the sky and I believe I heard Allah. I told Allah that I made dua for him. Allah said it was Allah's decision, dua was not important. I heard the following said from the sky: "if Allah wanted,seven floors of sky would be destroyed and the sky would be created with six floors. It is all Allah's wish there is nothing you can do." Then I heard that there will be a flood in which only 6 people will survive. I said I did not know how to swim. then I was told that I had to find a life buoy. There was none. I was hopeless and very sad. I kept saying what did I do to make Allah angry to me. Then I accepted the fact that I was going to die. I made a dua for my father. I said I only want my father to survive that it it. Since I saw this dream I sometimes feel very sad. I keep making dua for this man but sometimes I do not know what to do. does the dream mean that I did something to make Allah angry to me? I am thinking but I cannot find anything.

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