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Esselamu aleikum, My husband commited zina when he was 21, and that girl stayed pregnant. Her family forced him through threaths (they threathen to hurt or kill him or his family) to marry her. Theyy both did not want to marry, but had to do that because of her family. They married around 5 monthes before the child was born. He had a silent deal with her to get devorced 7 days after the wedding, and she accepted, but after the marriage she rejected to devorce. The just had a civil not religious wedding. I am not sure did they repent before doing this wedding. Finally he managed to devorced her a few years after the wedding, because she and her family finnaly let him go, and signed the devorce papers. They did not live together, nor practice marriage. My question is, was that marriage valid according to Islam, and is this child his? I really sincerelly hope that it is not, because I really dislike his past. He is now a good muslim, and a good husband to me. May Allah bless you for this answer.

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*need to be answered *

Mod don't you think this should be post under marriage issue?

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Asker, please ask this question on the Community.

Click the COMMUNITY button on top right corner.

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thank you very much for this advice. I postedd it on the Community, under marriage issues. I hope someone will answer, because I really do accept only what Islam says, because I am a strong Muslim, and I am trying to ignore what people who are not so familiar with Islamic way are saying. May Allah bless you all.

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you are a strong muslim, but you want a father to abandon his child? and you married a fornicator? had you committed zina as well? because according to the koran, a fornicator should only marry another fornicator, 24:3.

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Allah forgives the sins of those who sincerely repent. Your husband did what he did in the past, and has put it behind him. You should forget about it. He should keep praying and asking ALlah to forgive him for his mistake, and you should pray for him too.

As for the child, islamically it is his, and he should really be looking after the child, and provinding the child with food, shelter, money, love and care.

It is the right of the child to have this, as it is not the childs fault that it was born out of marriage.


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Brother can you post this in community site.

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In Islam marriage is invalid with pregnancy. Ask Sheikh for more information.

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