I haerd the there is an hour on Friday where if you make a dua during this specific time it will be guaranteed accepted. Friday is in 2 days so I won't someone to reply to me fast at when is this hour on Friday. Salaam.

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Allah Sobhanahou wa ta3ala willed to hide the hour of(acceptance/reply of du3aa) in the hours of the day of Friday. so we may keep making du3aa as much as we can in the all hours of(the day of) friday

some say it is in the rest between the first and second khutba/speech of Gom3a/Friday salaah/Prayers. (when we make du3aa). others said it is at the Asr prayer.. and others say it is before maghrib.

and hour does not mean 60minutes, but it means the time/moment it can be more or less, Allah knows better.

also Allah willed to hide layla el qadr which is better than thousand months in the last ten nights of the nights of Ramadan.. so we may do a lot of efforts. As Allah hide the hour of our death, so we may be ready for meeting Allah with a sound a heart and weighty deeds at anytime and not just before the death.

also, Allah willed to hide His agreeing in His obedience, so we should not humiliate(reduce the value of) any good deed because any small good deed might be the one who is carrying Allah's agreeing. and He willed to hide His anger in His disobedience, so we should care of avoiding all sins whether big or small because it might be the one carrying Allah's anger. and He hide His awliyaa/wali/ally/friends among His people/servant so we might not humiliate anybody(human).. because any body can be an ally of Allah.

Sob7ana Rabbika Rabb-el 3ezzati 3amma yassifoon, wa salaamon 3ala el morsaleen, wal7amdouellahi Rabb-el3alameen. Al Salaamou alaikoum

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Great work beloved this is the haqq may Allah reward you. Salaam

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Barak-Allahou feek my beloved brother.. wa 3aaikum el salaam wa ra7matoullah. Gom3a Moubaraka to you and all the muslimeen ya Rabb-el 3alameen :)

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It is between jummah prayer and Asr. Salaam

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This website may help you Insha Allah. It basically says that either the hour is when the Imaam sits on his place until the end of jumaah prayer OR from Asr prayer to sunset (Maghrib prayer).


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So what is it between? Jummah prayer and Asr? Or from Asr prayer to Maghrib?

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