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is shaving beard off haram?

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there are three different opinions on this matter they are based off hadith that the prophet said pertaining to the fire worshippers they used to trim their beards and when the prophet saw that he turned to the sahabah and said not to imitate the disbelivers and in other hadeeths he has said that a beard is a sign of mascilinity and it is one of the traits that separates the man and the womenbased on thse hadiths the first opinion was that its haram because the prophet warned against it the second opinion was that ist makrooh or frowned upon because the prophet didnt specifically say dont shave the beard only not to be like a disbeliver and people say there are other ways t prove that you arnt like them the third opinion was that its completly acceptable because looks have nothing to do with your worship. from these three i would pick the midlle one just because the religion of islma is a religion of i3tidal, or a religion that isnt extreme nor weak i would completly mark the third opinion off this is a weak argument which i have seen many times people should understand that islam is somthing you use in you daily life in every aspect of your life even the way you look after all we were created to worship, the first one is sort of tough to say becasue even though the prophet didnt speciffically say to shave or trim the beard its well known that when he said the hadeeth he said is because of the discust he saw on the fireworshippers. so the first or second opinion would be the most correct. but in any case it would be sunnah to keep it and haram or makrooh to shave it. the prophet also said it adds to your attractivness so its encouraged

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i thnk its haram .

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close shave is haram. One kabza(wispy) is sünnet.

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As-Salamu Alaykum Afzal, shaving beard is haram, but shortnening or cutting it isn't haram. Muhammed's beard was short. Moustaches should be removed. But you do what you think is better. :)

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Imams and Palestinians told me that it was'nt mandatory but that it was only a voluntary measure to make a difference between the believing and the unbelieving. but I doubt Allah is going to send you to "hell" over a beard, or will he?

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there is a difference between being sent to hell and getting bad deeds doing somthing bad can get you bad deeds and if they build up so much that they are more than your good deeds you go to hell and i belive it is makrooh its frowned upon and you will get bad deeds i dont belive youll go straight to hell we dont belive you do good stuff heaven bad stuff hell you have to account every deed you have done and its put on a scale there are only certain stuff that sends you to hell directly like fornication or shirk but there is always repentance for these things

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