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Assalaamu Alaikum.

When one awake from sleep and found wet, since he/she cannot pray subh with impurity and does not have much time to perform Janaaba due to the late and/or no water. Then after a the sun has risen, can such a person perform Ghusul janaaba and salaat (as deficiency) with no problem?

Thank you.

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Salam brother or sister, If you have problem on wetting your self then let someone know to wake you up or put your alarm on so you can wake up and empty yourself.

Secondly, As Muslim we shouldn't missed our prayer but if you did then you are allowed to wash your self and pray it as missed prayer,you should also do 2 rakah extra so that Allah will accept your prayer.

Praying on time: more good dead and less bad dead Praying missing : less good dead but you can able to make your bad dead little by praying or have catch up with your missed prayer

Brother do read this site too because it has important information Which will help you with your difficulty.


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