Because you get 1 good deed if you think about doing something good, and then 10 good deeds if you actually do that good thing, Can people just think about doing good things and not actually do them to attain good deeds? If not, why? Are their certain rules for something like this? Well, there probably are. What are they?

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Salam, I would say try to think something good and do something good too so that you are going to be a good example plus you will earn more good dead. Just think about this how would you feel if someone done something good to you, will I can tell you will feel happier, so doing something good can gives other peaceful life too

I will also mention this if you want to see Allah and want to have place right next to him in jannah then do good then undead you will be successful in this life and life after too.

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Thanks for the answer. Also, do you do this all day? Every time I look at the forum it's always you who's the last person to have commented. But thanks.

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No I don't do this everyday, All day I am at school I just answer thoses question at night time because not a lots of mod log on , so my duty is to edit people post and delete those answer which is misleading. Why are you not happy that I am here and answering people question?

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Who said I wasn't happy? It's nothing to be happy about though either. Kinda like Mubah...? Anyway, so ur at school? How old are you? And no, you don't have to say if you don't wanna and think that saying your age would allow anyone to track you down and kill ya.

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Brother I m not in school right now and I am not scare of anyone accept Allah. Brother try to answer thoses question which has been posted instead of chatting about. Salam and peace be upon you

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What do you mean by cheating about?

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it is about intention. (not just think it in your brain) intention is the totally willing to do something. and the location of the intention is the heart. the heart by which we decide what we will do and we won't.

So if we intend/willed to do something good but because of something out of our hand we could not do it.. then we will take a good point(though we did not do it).. and if we did it then we will take our reward multiplied ten times. but for intending doing something bad and did not do it because of something out of hand/will then we will not take bad point.. but if we did it we will take just one bad point. and this is from the mercy of Allah and that the way of good and pleasing Allah is so generous/prosper/easy/rich for everyone who wish.

and this is for everything until hopefully we return to Allah and our heart is carrying from this world the good/hassana by intending/willing to do everything(every mean and tool) which will please Allah.. and so in the Last day such people(may Allah let us be from them) will take their reward ten times better and Allah multiply to whoever He will. So the reward of the doers of good is a good but a good from who?! from Allah the lord of the all worlds that in His hand is the Kingdom/ownership and power of everything so His good is not compared with our good it is much much better.. while the reward of the evil doers is an evil like it(depend on (help) yourself now as you claimed that you were free of need from the mercy/power of Allah.. as you forgot/deny your Lord your Lord will forget you.)

la ilaha illa Allah.. Muhammadan Rasouloullah.

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Thanks for explaining. Makes sense. But one thing - emotions and thoughts don't come from your heart. They come from your brain. I get that you wanted to sound poetic, but why do people say emotions come from the heart? All I can feel in there is a door slamming 24/7... Just touching upon something, not trying to contradict or anything.

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Salaamu alaikum! call it brain, heart, self or spirit(not as physical). They are different names that have common meaning of the lofty thing that Allah created which is the knower and recognizer and the ruler/decider/king of the action of every one of us.. or the real/true us.

it is carrying two meanings. I hope you will have the chance to learn about it in the Book of Ihya-Ulum el-deen /revival of the sciences of religion,by abi-hamid el-ghazali. chapter"The meaning of the heart, spirit, soul and brain/intelligence" translated in the following link

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you only get the reward if you PLAN to do the good deed - you have the intention, but later on, for whatever reason, you are unable to, then you get the reward. Just sitting there and having ideas on your head with no intention at all of doing them is not rewarding.


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What is aww and wwb ? Salaam

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Exactly what I was thinking. At first, I though that he was sympathising, then I realised he was sayin an Arabic term by its initials.

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