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Hello, I am very interested in learning more about Islam. What is the story of Muhammad?

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RobinS get in touch with me in community site so that I will give you a link which will help you to learn more about islam and to make you faith stronger.


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If you don't know how to send private message then let me know.

Click your mail box and then click new pm and type my name in. Salam

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Peace upon you and upon ones who followed the guidance.

First you should realize that there is something called truth. and this truth is just one, and nobody know it except Allah. since He is the creator(bringer to existence) of everything. So if we want to know the truth about Him, it is with Him its knowledge.. and if we want to know the truth about us and who made us and why and to where we are going after??? also the answer/knowledge are with Him. and we could not know that truth by ourselves alone but only from Him. That is why He willed to send us(human) all over the time prophets/messengers (chosen by Him) to deliver His message/knowledge in which there is our guidance to that truth(truth about Him and us and the afterlife).. So prophet Muhammad is not the only prophet from Allah, but He is one of the prophet and the seal of them. and Islam is nothing but submit/surrender to that Truth.. that is why the religion chosen for us and generation before us was the islam(=submit) to that truth.. believe in it and so work toward it.

Muhammad (peace be upon him and upon all prophets) was on a great morality manners and he was known as the truthful and the trustful. he was from a noble family of Qoraysh(who take care of Kaaba)(kaaba was re-build by Ibrahim and Ismail)(people out of ignorance were worshipping at the time of prophet Muhammad idols and statues to bring them close to Allah falsely).. prophet Muhammad get use to stay in the cave of Hiraa and reflect in the signs of Allah in the creation of us and the universe as he knew that worshipping idols is false. After he became 40 years old and in one of its nights, came to Him Gabriel(the Holy spirit)(the Messenger of Allah from angels to the messengers of Allah from human), and say to him; "read/recite" and he replied; "I am not reciter/reader" (as he was not knowing how to read and write) and he repeat; "read" and he replied same.. and then the first verses of Quran was revealed to him; "Recite in the name of your Lord who created– Created man from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous– Who taught by the pen– Taught man that which he knew not."(Quran 96:1-5)

after he started his mission by inviting the relative and the most closer to him in secret.. and the people of Qoraysh started to fight him and his followers.. so many of muslims immigrated the 1st immigration to habasha where there was a just Christian king. and he was somehow protected by his uncle so disbelievers could not kill him.. but after the death of his uncle the attempted to kill him(one from each family so they can not be all accused) but Allah willed to protect his messenger and let him immigrate to yathrib(medina now), as the people of Medina many of them became muslims and invited/offered the protection of muslims there.

and from Medina the Islam rise and overcame all its enemies.. our prophet peace be upon him gave us the best model in religion and his relation with Allah, and as a father and as a husband and as a leader in peace and war...etcetera

Please read the Quran, it is as we believe purely "the words of Allah" and see by yourself if its words are words of human or not.. notice that human will say may be or I do not know or I can not or I hope or I think... but the author of Quran is the knower and able on everything the source of power and the powerful over everything, the free of need while all his creation are in need to Him...etcetera

May your creator(Allah) guide you to the path of your success in this world and the Last.

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