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Chest beating and the Shia / Shi'aa?

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the prophet (saw) strictly forbid us Muslims from doing nawhah (screaming, shouting, beating chests) following the death of someone.

Shia are not muslims they say this is Islam!

the story about the Prophet's wives doing so is false. It is taken from shia sources, which were compiled as late as 4 centuries after the Prophet, and were filled with lots of false reports.


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Nearly all of the sources that the shia claim to be as true are false.

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I have a classmate at school who is shia said that the reason why they chest beat is because when Muhammad (pbuh) died, his wives started chest beating, he didn't give me any references though. Well, that's what they think, I don't think it's true and wouldn't be surprised if it isn't. Also, chest beating isn't allowed in Islam as hitting yourself and harming yourself is haram. Salaam.

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