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I know that debating is what Allah dislikes and it's not good to suddenly debate with a person, but what if it's a competition in school? Next year my teachers and friends are encouraging me to get in the debate team.They are really relying on me.. Even i myself have started to dislike debating. But what do i do if they are counting on me? And i do have the skills...

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permissability depends on the intention. if the reason for your debating is so that you can defeat your opponent and get satisfaction from it, then this is wrong.

If the reason for debate is to prove an established islamic aqeedah etc, this is fine.

if the reason is to ultimately get to the truth, this is fine.

However, debates should not be about established aqeedah - you shouldnt be debating about the existence of Allah, angels, jinns etc, to find out whether they really exist, as you should already believe this, and have no need to debate it.

If you are debating something like whether climate change is really happening, about whether changes to transport system ease congestion, etc, then this is perfectly fine.


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Thank you so much! Okay, now i shall try my best to right my intentions and not let the taste of winning make me overcome with pride.

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Salaam wayfarer, Public Speaking and Debating are an art form but even those who may not be born debaters can acquire the time. I teach it to the little ones and let me tell you, with time, they become very good at it. Don't know if that's a good thing caus at times, they come up with some clever statements that make me think on my feet! I say, go for it, you know what is Islamically acceptable. May Allah suhanahu Wa ta'ala guide you. Jazakallah

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somebody is pretty confident. how do you know you are going to win? so anyway, you've got some made debate skills? i'm not a muslim and i find the idea of debate being haram to be ludicris. so i would love to see what kind of skill you got. maybe i can help you practice, what are you debating. let's do a trial run.

moderators i put this in the answer box because the comment one wouldn't open?????

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Sorry i didn't mean i was definitely going to win, no, I never thought of that. I meant IF i did..

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