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If a man enters his penis in navel or thighs of a woman and then ejacuates, is it compulsory for the couple to take a bath?

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Salam, You have to take ritual bath which mean washing your whole body (See below)

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What is Ritual Bath (Ghusl)?

Ghusl is the Arabic word for a complete bath. In certain cases, it is not enough to perform ablution before prayers. One needs to purify themselves by taking a full bath, that is doing the ritual bath (ghusl), before they may pray. You are required to do the ritual bath in the following cases:

  1. The emission of semen or female orgasmic fluid, whether due to sexual intercourse, wet dreams or masturbation.

  2. After sexual intercourse. More precisely, a bath has to be taken if the penis enters the vagina, regardless of whether fluid was emitted or not.

  3. Menstruation and post-natal bleeding[2].

  4. It is also preferred to perform the ritual bath upon entering Islam.

A female cannot offer salah (prayer) when she is experiencing menstruation or postpartum bleeding. After her bleeding ends, she must purify herself by taking the ritual bath, and then she may resume salah (prayer).

How to Perform the Ritual Bath

(1) Intend in your heart to purify yourself for Allah’s sake.

(2) Wash off any impurity that may be on the body.

(3) Wash the entire body with water leaving no part dry.

(4) Rinse the mouth and nose.

What is Ablution (Wudoo’)?

Wudoo’, translated as ablution, is done before certain acts of worship. It is basically washing of one's face, hands and arms, then wiping the head and ears, and finally washing the feet.

When Should I Perform Ablution (Wudoo’)?

A Muslim must perform ablution before he performs the prayer (salah) if he enters a state of ritual impurity, namely due to one of the following causes:

(1) Breaking wind.

(2) Urination.

(3) Defecation (passing feces).

(4) Deep sleep.

These things are considered to ‘invalidate’ or ‘break’ ablution (wudoo’). For example, you must perform ablution after waking up in the morning to pray your morning prayer (salah), because sleeping “breaks” the ablution. After using the toilet, you have to perform ablution before you can perform prayer because urinating and defecating “break” the ablution.

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