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Sometimes, I wash my hands a lot, - (for no absolute reason) when I touch something that has dust or anything I wash my hands... Is this Satan? I also use a lot of water when washing hands

and how should we clean ourselves? can we use handwash with hot water/ warm etc. etc. or should we do it with cold

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no it's not satan. it's called OCD. obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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Behavioal therapy can work wonders with OCD.

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Like what mike said, it isn't satan. The same thing happens to me, when I'm opening/closing the curtains I get a little OCD and straight away wash my hands after touching something that may have dust. Don't worry about it though. Also, don't worry about what temperature you wash your hands with, won't matter if you wash with hot or cold water.

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you have OCD, in Arabic it is called وسوسة (waswasah).

Pray surah naas every day, and limit yourself to washing your body parts no more than 3 times.

Wasting water is bad. The Prophet (Saw) has said, "do not waste water, even if you are at a running river"

Also, the best example to follow is the Prophet (Saw), and the Prophet used to do Wudhu with one mudd (about 600 ml of water) and have a bath with a saa (about 2 litres).

You dont need to use handwash, water is enough. However, if you do, that is fine. In the Prophet's time they used to use عشنان and سدر which are a bit like modern day soaps.


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