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Salam is it true that shrimps(prawns)calamari and lobster are not halal?and why?please help me

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about four years ago i had dinner with a muslim and he choose red lobster as were to eat. i was supprised because i too had heard that shellfish were haram. he ordered shrimp. i asked him and he said it was a misinterpretation. he quoted the same thing that saab is saying below. he elaborated that it is bottom feeders in stagnent bodies of water that are haram. crabs or crawfish in lakes or ponds.

btw, they are a good source of iodine. i remember 20 years ago a special on the muslims in indonesia having iodine deficency problems. messes up your thyroid. cuases goiters, blindness, low IQs.

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according to Imam Shafi, they are fine to eat, as he classifies such animals to be under the quranic verse: احل لکم صید البحر (the sea animals are allowed for you).

According to Imam Abu Hanifa and other Hanafi Imams, this verse is talking about fish, so fish are allowed but not prawns etc.

thus, whether you eat them or not depends on which imam you follow.

The ruling is not that strict though, and i know of hanafi Ulema who have prawns, and have no issues with eating them.


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