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is it permitted in islam that can we steal our husband's money? and use it for personal shopping like clothes and jwellary etc... plz reply

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"Steal" here is too general, and not detailed enough. If stealing is by taking your spouses own money and spending it while he/she specifically told you not to take money without his/her permission, or if you simply take it without him knowing, then it would be considered stealing. Although the husband has more a right to share his wealth with his wife, taking it unknowingly, regardless is stealing in this context.

A better way to avoid this is to simply ask politely to spend his money shopping etc... don't be ridiculous about buying unnecessary and lavish things, if you are a reasonable spender, and he has healthy income, he might be reasonable as well.

I hope this helps sister InshAllah.

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thanks ver much

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you have a right to a fair amount of spending money from your husband, as long as you are fulfilling his rights for him. if he is not giving it to you, you are allowed to take a small amount, just enough for your expenses, nothing too much.

Hind, the wife of Abu Sufyaan (ra) once complained to the Prophet (Saw) that her husband was not giving her spending money, so she would take it quietly from him. the Prophet (Saw) allowed her, as long as she didnt overspend, and took only as much as was needed for looking after herself and her children.


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thank you sir thank you so much

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