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  1. When am praying and i forget to seat for the 2nd tahiya how do i repair this at the end?
  2. when i say subhana rabiyal aala wabihamdihi during ruku instead of sujud how do i repair this at the end 3.when i am not sure if i did 3 rakkah or rakkah i a 4 rakkah prayer do i have to restart my prayer or will sujudul qabli fix it? Thank You
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Assalaamou alaikum,

some parts of salah are like pillars that without them the salah is not complete, like reciting Fatiha, and ruku3, sujoud and sitting and reading tashahhoud in the second and/or last rak3a.

if some of this pillars are forgotten then you should do two times "soujoud el sahw" (=prostration of forgetting). you should do them after the last tashahhoud and before taslim/salaam to right and left. you do soujoud el sahw or, ess-sahw(forgetting) by saying three times; "Sobhan al-lazi la yanaam wa la yass-hou" =Exalted is He who do not sleep nor forget.

in case you remembered that you forgot some of the basic/pillars parts of salah after you finished salah and after taslim then you should say Allahou akbar and prostrate the sahw and then read tashahhoud and do taslim/salam right and left.

so for your question,1) forgetting to seat in the second rak3a is a basic part that is why you should do two soujoud/prostration) after the last tashahhoud and before taslim, saying sob7an Al-lazi la yanama wa la yass-hou three times in each prostration and then do taslim right and left.. and in case you remembered after finishing the salah then as I said above you should prostate two soujoud same way and then recite tashoud and then taslim.

2.a)saying "Sob7an Rabbiyal Al-A3la wa bihamdihi" while ruku3 is not a basic part of salah. so you should not do soujoud essahw. and inshaa Allah your salah is complete.

2.b) in case that you are not sure you prayed 3 or 4 rak3a then you should follow which one you think is more right you prayed 3 or you prayed 4 and then do soujoud as I said after tashahhoud and before taslim. so for example if you are not sure, and you think more that you prayed 3 rak3a and still one is missed then you complete that rak3a and the do soujoud essahw. and if you think more that you prayed 4 rak3a then you just do soujoud essahw same way.

and Allah knows better and may He accept from us.. and may He help us on; remembering Him and being thankful to Him and the good/best way of worshipping. (Allahoumma a3enni 3ala zikrika wa shoukrika wa 7osna 3ebadatik.)

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1) at the end of salah, when sitting for the final time, pray attahiyyau lillah... till the end, then do a salaam to the right, do a sajdah, sit up, sajdah again, sit up, pray attahiyat, durrod and dua, then do salaam BOTH SIDES. this is called sijdah sahw. 2) there is nothing to do. salaah is still done. 3)if you think it is probably 4, assume it is 4, dont do sajdah sahw. if you think it is 3, assume, 3, dont do sijdah sahw if you are not at all sure, then assume it is the lower number (3), carry on as normal, and do sijdah sahw at end.


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Thank you so much for the answers Jazakumullahu khairan.

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