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There is a gap of 6 yrs betwqeen me & my sister. People call my parents as "too patient" for keeping such a gap. If they haven't undergone any permanent method(tubectomy/vasectomy) then how they might have delayed the pregnancy?

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not sure about muslims, but the catholics claim the rythum method is effective. and coitus interruptus is allowed on newly accuired war booty. don't know if it's allowed with husband and wife?

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Salaam dear brother / sister, I am wondering why you do not take the direct approach and ask your parents, as there is nothing wrong in seeking knowledge about something which is pertaining to life and will help you become better informed.

To answer your question, there is nothing specific to be found in the Quran or the Sunnah which prohibits use of contraceptives for Muslims.

Allah subhanahu Wa ta' ala says:

"Do not say falsely, 'this is lawful and that is prohibited', inventing a lie about Allah..." (Qur'an 16:116) 

The ideas some people hold on the "intervention" of contraception with the destiny of Allah, is incorrect. The 'destiny of Allah' is a predetermination of every event and every human being to appear on earth from the beginning of time till the end of time - since Allah knows and controls all events. The use of contraception is also part of Allah's pre-determined sequence of events. Therefore, family planning as a result of the use of contraception is part of Allah's destiny and does not change what was destined by Allah. Contraception should be perceived as yet another blessing of Allah to human beings, and something to thank Allah by.

Thus, contraception is permitted if the husband and wife agree, as there is nothing in the Qur'an or Sunna to prohibit it; rather, the hadiths and practice of the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) indicate permissibility.

It is not permitted to engage in contraception without the agreement of the spouse--for both husband and wife.

Contemporary forms of contraception, whether used by the husband or the wife, are akin to azl (withdrawai) mentioned in the hadiths, as is explicitly understood from the words of the Hanafi and other schools. Rather, they are superior, more natural, and less harmful.

It is not permitted to use irreversible contraception--such as sterilization.

And Allah knows best.

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Salam bother, I was doing about this contraception thing in my school. My RE teacher say that condom is allowed in Salam becaus it will Provent people from STI or brighing unwanted child to this world because you are not ready to have a child, and she said that other kind of contraception is forbidden because it has chemical somer which then Change your body chemical and etc....plz correct me if I am wrong.


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Salam Bibi, I looked at numerous websites and making sur these are dependable sources so my response is based on a range of references. You are right that some forms of contraceptives are more chemical based such as the oral pill (hormone based) but in addition, there are coils and other options which do not have this. However, there was no mention of the pill being excluded, thus I did not make a special reference to it. But yes, the pill has been associated with possibly higher risk of cancer. I'm glad you brought it up. Salam

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1) Permanent Contraception Any permanent form of contraception such as permanent sterilisation, the removal of ovaries, vasectomy etc is not permissible unless there is a risk of serious illness or death if it is not performed. The reasons for this are as follows:

A person is taking an unnecessary risk to their health by having such an operation or procedure.

A person is permanently changing the nature of the body from what Allah has created.

A person is taking away the right of any future husband or wife to have a say in whether a couple should try for children or not. Whilst the person may, in their current situation, choose not to have any more children, if their marriage were to break down or they were widowed and if they chose to remarry then their new partner has a right to a say in any future children they may or may not want.

2) Temporary/Reversible Contraception

Temporary contraception where it does not contradict the Shariah is permissible as long as both partners agree. It was a common practice of the companions of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) to perform ‘Coitus Interruptus’ (also know as `azl), meaning to withdraw from their partner just before ejaculation. Therefore, this was a form of temporary contraception.

Sayyiduna Jabir ibn Abd Allah (Allah be pleased with him relates that, "We used to engage in contraception (`azl) while the Qur'an was being revealed. Had it been something that was interdicted, the Qur'an would have forbidden it." [Bukhari (5209); Muslim (4220)]

Other Types Of Temporary Contraception Allowed:

Please note permission must be obtained by both husband and wife before these are used.

Condoms – These are permissible and can be used without any problems.

Pill/Injection – The use of the contraceptive pill for the purpose of contraception is also permissible. Scholars have advised that it should not be used just to ‘delay’ the period because of Ramadhan or Hajj etc.

Coil – This should be avoided as it involves the insertion of the coil into the female private parts.

Sheath – Also should be avoided due to the same reason as the coil.


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salam. We wr using coils.after sometime there ws an infection in the womb. It caused high scale pus. My spouse felt inflamation and pain in the whole body.the matter got complicated and she hd to undergo a major surgery. By the grace of Allah swt she recovered and now we are extra cautious in this regard

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1) they might not have deliberately delayed it. It is perfectly possible for someone to not conceive for a long period of time. People sometimes marry and it takes 10-20 years of trying before they finally have a child, and even then, they may never have another. it is perfectly possible that your parents were trying but Allah had decreed that another child should not be born, so it wasnt.

2) they were using temporary contraception like condoms

3) they were doing coitus interruptus - where the male pulls out of the female organ just before ejaculation.


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Salam brother, what does aww and wwb mean :) Jazakallah krie

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Salam Brother what do you mean by "another child should not be born" what about if someone use the condom for a year because they don't want to get pregnant will they still have a child later on.....

Jazakallah krie

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