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I've been having the same problem for almost a month, and it's not getting better. I'd like to know if there is any hadith about this.

Nov. 02 I've been having a huge problem lately. I change my clothes for every salat, take 1 or 2 showers a day, and spend 20 minutes in the washroom cleaning myself. I feel that I have to be extremely clean for salat, EXTREMELY! I have to do the laundry 3 times a week. I am almost 13 years old. I know I am not doing good at all, but I'd just like to know how clean you really have to be for salat? What should I do?

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you are wasting water which is a sin.

The prophet (saw) used to do wudhu with just one mudd (0.6 litres) and have a bath with a saa(around 2 litres). if you are using lots more than this, you are wasting too much water.

here is a video showing you how to do sunnah wudhu.

You only need to be clean from najis for salah to be valid - this is things like blood, urine and faeces. a bit of dirt will not invalidate your salah, so you should stop doing what you are doing.


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Thank you. The problem is that I have too much doubt. Something in my head is telling me that this is good because Allah loves the clean ones, I also know that Allah doesn't like the ones who waste.

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