In my recent past , i went through a tragic experience where i had psychological problem/fear related to "razor shaving". Now, i've overcome it almost by 90%(by counselling, discussing with elders),But in these years i had lost my focus on studies & other good things.Now I realize how much i've lost, & therefore at nightr I become too tensed. Then Satan provokes me to masturbate using pillow,etc. Yes, its too shameful & sinful ,but it is quite IMPULSIVE. Prayers also aren't sooothing me.I just wanna be normal.(I am 21 yr (boy) engg. student & a strict muslim)

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you have a number of options:

1) get married 2) if you cant get married, fast daily, and at iftar, have a small bite, then eat properly at night. the fasting will slowly cool your passion. 3) keep yourself busy. if you keep yourself busy, you wont have time to engage in sinful acts


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