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I am a 16 year old girl, and I am in a wheelchair.i sometimes find it difficult doing wudu are there any other ways or options of which I can do wudu?

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Salam sister :) Sister I am really happy that you still thinking about prayer in the situation you are in. May Allah bless with his mercy and make things easy for you :)

Imram bin Husain said, "I had some physical problem, so I asked the Prophet (pbuh) about the prayer, and he said, 'Pray standing, and if you are not able to do so then pray sitting, if you are still not able to pray then make it (while lying) on your side.'" (Sahih Al-Bukahari)

Sister you can used wet cloths,toilet papers or towel papers and then clean everything with those wet item.

The Quran says (2:286) that Allah does not place a greater burden on anyone than they can bear. Do the closest thing you can do with good conscience, and remember that we are judged and rewarded according to efforts, not results.

For washing hand,face, and feet you will need container or something that you can filled with water and you may need a container or something beneath you feet or close to you so you can't put the dirty water in it .

Do also check this site because it has a lots of information with the problem you are facing.


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if you find it difficult, there are some options:

1) do a full wudhu in the morning, wash your feet, and then wear leather socks. The Prophet (saw) used to wear leather socks, and would wipe over them. He has permitted a person who is not a musaafir (long distance traveller) to wipe over socks for a day (24 hours) from the point when the wudhu first broke.

Thus, you could wash your feet just once, then wipe over them for the rest of the day.

2) for washing, you could only do the fardh acts, as mentioned in the quran - اغسلوا وجوهكم وايديكم الى المرافق وامسحوا برؤوسكم وارجلكم الى الكعبين - Wash the face, hand and forearms including the elbows, and wipe over your head, and wash your feet to the ankles (or wipe over leather socks, as taught through the sunnah). This should make it easier for you.

3) you dont have to do wudhu from a tap. In the prophet (Saw)'s time, there were no taps, and people did wudhu from bowls. you could do the same. Put some water in a bowl, and use that water to do wudhu. 1/2 a litre should be enough.


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@faisal26 but if there is water near by is tayamum accepted? I rely on my parens when doing wudhu and when they are not near by then I struggle

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Why do you sometimes find it difficult sister? Islamically if you feel water will make your condition worse or health worse only then you are allowed to do Tayammum...which is dry whudu.hope that helps.

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