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I look at the school playground and its bins are full of discarded, unwanted food. I visit a restaurant and see platefuls of leftover food left behind by the patrons. I look at my own fridge and see the limp looking lettuce begging to be used but most probably its fate is sealed; it will likely be discarded. I look at the Clothing Donation Bins positioned at the supermarket parking lots and these are overflowing with clothes, toys and other unwanted items. I see shelves of toys at the giant toy outlet and wonder how much money will be ‘wasted’ on cheaply made toys which have a short life span. I look at the children who are hardly 9 years of age and they are waving about their latest cell phone conquests. Then there are retail outlets in the local malls which are full of items...but I cannot define what it is that they sell nor can I say that I need anything they have on offer.. .do I want a bar of organic scented soap worth a small fortune?

These are just some things which play on the mind and there is a definite sense of responsibility and unrest within myself.

As millions are starving and do not have the basics to live on. As there are wars and civil unrests taking place and our brothers and sisters, young and old, are suffering, dying.

So, are we living a life of wastefulness? What can each and every one of us do to STOP being wasteful and can we make an effort to channel the saved money to better causes? How can we achieve the pleasure of Allah subhanahu Wa ta’ala in regards to use of His bounty and the resources which He has blessed us with?

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This is all part of the system, the consumerism, and production . It is only for the means of those with money to waste. After all, as you said, we do not need for most of the things on sale. Packaging is the biggest criminal in the consumer market. The greed that is displayed need not affect us, as it is all generated mainly for the holiday periods.

What we need to do, is to be more neighboughly, visit the sick, these acts of charity again are what off-loads excess, and in return gains rewards. Anything we do not use, pass it on, anything we dont want, give it away. The less we have the more our minds are at peace. Yes, I too look around me, and every so often have a clear out. It becomes very easy to amass items, that lay around unused or hardly touched, if so , then it is that we do not really need these things.

There will always be these wasteful items, but they do not have to be in our homes. It is all part of the test of temptations. The desire to have , rather than to do without. Most can not contemplate going without, as simplicity is for the rare few. This rare few are the ones that know the true price of wealth. It takes a person of true faith, and the want of true tranquility to live a life of simplicity, without many furnishings, collectables, many clothes, and luxuries.

It does seem like we are living in two different worlds. The consumer world of wants and desires for the non Muslim in general, taken up by time and knowledge lost in temptations of this one world. Then there is this other world that we Muslims live in, that go and get what we need to live our faithful lives, inshaAllah without the excesses. We visit shops that the general non muslims dont go. So we must turn a blind eye to this non Islamic world, follow the laws, but we do not have to consume their world too.

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Dear sister, you're on the same page as me. Yes it does seem as if we are living in two worlds. The loud and glaring 'give me more' world and the quiet and contemplating world of us Muslims. I posted my question in the hope that us Muslims begin to think harder also. The school I work at has a high Muslim population and I am downhearted about the fact that it seems parents are not teaching children about food, not wasting it, treating it with respect and being grateful for it. This is simplicity. You are right, not many know and understand the true price of wealth. You have insight.

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here are lots of ways to make a difference, and reduce the amount of waste you produce:


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