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Salaam, I am 18 years of age and on my final year of sixthform. I am currently studying triple science. To start off with, i always wanted to study business and maths but my dad gave me no choice and said to study science, even though he has never put any effort in at all with helping me with my studies. So i decided to study science to keep him happy, i have struggled with the course but for the sake of my dad i have stuck to it and Masha'Allah i am doing well. I have decided to study pharmacology and physiology at university but this is not in my city. I would have to move out, i dont not see myself doing anything else but this course but he will not listen to me at all. So i decided to talk to him and tell him to tell me what course to chose, he replied syaing its my decision he cant make me chose, yet when im wanting to do this course he will not allow me. I am very confused on what to do and extremly upset as i want to go into this career path and i am getting no support whatsoever. Jazakala'khair.

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I agree,you should stay at home fo your own protection,under the guidance of ur parents,you have to respect your parents because if u don't it will backfire on u,because God always makes you kids treat u like u treated ur parents,also just imagine being in their place,would u allow ur daughter/son to go ?i just hope you realise that ur parents r scared for ur safety,for the sake of God ,you need to respect ur parents and not displease them or else u won't be successful,in islam it is better that way .The rest is up to u.Try to not hurt their hearts.U will remember that moment with ur kids in the future.God help u out,seek out for his guidance and inshallah u will do wats best.

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i agree with faisal. you should try and stay close to home and commute home everyday. your costs will be less (you can stay with your parents), you will have less debt to pay off when you finish, and you will stay in a good environment, which will be good for your iman.


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Look its better not move away for uni trust me ive met loads who did this and most become worse muslims than ever because u r free. Best thing to do is find a course in line with your subjects that will allow you to study at your closest universities. Its better. Again for the sake of allah and for your parents make the decision. TherE will be great barakah in the work that you do in the future.

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