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We are married more than a year and our relationship isn't healthy. Every now and then we keep on fighting, shouting, insulting, we are so rude to each other. I admit I committed a sin by my behaviour. I tried to get into myself(being positive, having patience, understanding),everything was changed as he every time shouting at me on phone,insulting me and accusing me badly before we stay together. My family was disturbed in his behaviour as I waited my visa. I was so confused then if I'll stay with him. BUT I convinced myself to stay with him for me able to know and understand him better. Until this time we keep on fighting,we don't understand each other . I said to myself I don't want to commit more sin due to my misbehaviour. The tongue of my husband is more than one woman,a reason why we take small issue becomes big issue..I can't be good and concentrate in Islam. I love an believe this religion, Alhamdulillah Allah guide me to this true religion.

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From the teachings of the Prophet (Saw) we learn that women should do 4 things to keep their husband happy with them:

1) listen to him, and try to do what he says (as long as it is not a sin) 2) if he wants to sleep with you, let him, no matter what time of day it is, no matter how many things you have yet to do. 3) show him respect (dont shout at him, dont call him by his name - use other words like "darling", "handsome" 4) i cant remember right now

try to do these and see if it makes a difference.

the main one is not to get angry. There is a story of a woman who kept fighting with her husband. she was told by a sheikh to put water in her mouth and keep it there, when her husband came home. A week later, the arguments stopped. she told the sheikh, who told her, when he comes home, you end up saying something nasty to him, which makes him angry and from there the fights start. by making you put water in your mouth, you could say nothing, so the fights never started.


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