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Okay so I'm the one who bought an iPod and later found out it was stolen....

Should i give it to the police?

And Bro how do I give it to charity? It's not like ill go ahead and give a poor man an iPod?

Please explain better...I just want this off me

Ma'as salama

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To give this as a gift in charity, is to best give it to a pawn type shop, where non Muslims will not go. You dont want another Muslim to handle this ipod. But do not ask or recieve money for it. Just take this experience as just that. Do not profit from it. Better still, if you know where it came from, then return it to its owner. This would be more advisable.

(Nov 30 '13 at 14:22) abyadgirl abyadgirl's gravatar image

Dear brother, I agree with @abyadgirl. Pawn the ipod, no money exchange. This is if you don't know the owner, which is most probably the likely case. Salaam brother, you are doi g the right thing. May Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala always be your guide and for each and every one of us. Ameen

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