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what is the mother"s right to towards her married daughter. can she take money from her daughter. plz reply sir thanks

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Need to b answered

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On the earning of women , neither her husband nor her parents have any right. But at times we do something for the sake of relationship also and we dont do everything for rights/duties. foreg. Husband came after work and is tired so her wife should give him tea/snacks or lunch/dinner depending on the time he came although this is not obligatory on her but a part of good and obedient wife... Similarly if mother needs money and she dont have and hence she asked her daughter , and if the daughter is perfectly capable of giving money to her mother then she should and if she is not capable of helping her mother then she should tell her in a good manner so that mother is not hurt... Hurting parents is a major sin in Islam.... Remember what they did for you when you came in this world unclothed. If they would not have shown mercy to you , you would have done absolutely nothing... Allah said: " the one who does not show mercy to his creature Allah do not show mercy to him " . So if one does not show mercy to their parents , then what do they expect from Allah ? Wassalaam Allah knows best

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