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Did the Holy Pophet(pbuh) make any relationship with the existing Pope of Rome during his life? There are some claims that he sent a letter to him but I'm not sure how accurate that is.

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Yes, it is true. Rasulallah send hiraql to call him for islam. And sent to kesra and Nagashi and al moqauqes too. Pope answered nicly but didn't convert islam, al moqauqes also answered nicly and sent presents but didn't convert islam, kisra was vulgar and killed the man rasulallah sent him and tore the message, And Nagashi answered nicly and converted islam. And this prove that rasulallah did his best to spread islam. Wa a'lah a'lam

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i belive its true the prophet muhammad sent letters to all the big contries conveying the messsage of islam he even had an engraved ring that said muhammad rasool allah and he used to use it to stamp letters as an official document from himself but abu bakr narrated that he accidently dropped that ring in a well after muhammad(saaw) passed away he even emptied the well to find it but they didnt

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I think not during his lifetime - that would be impossible! Didn't the Prophet pbuh live before the Pope now was ever born? There is surely hundreds of years of difference?

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