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That 2 yr old boy, is dark, dirty, shabby and cannot utter a single word. he keeps on screaming/shouting with his harsh voice. This disturbs me a lot.I wonder if i will have such a baby, then is there any way i can make him look good, fair,cute, innocent.? I belong to a "wheatish" family(I have Fair complexion) how will i make my child look good if i have a dark one?..... i am 20 yr old engg. student(boy)

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Brother please write your question in simple are not making any sense.

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Salaam brother. First of all we are ALLAh's creations & we don't have the choice to have white skin or dark skin. It's foolish & pure ignorance to think White is better than dark as we are all equal to ALLAh. Brother please instead of worrying about the skin colour of you future children ask ALLAH to make them righteous & grant them greatness. May be your neighbour's child got health problem & got nothing to do with his skin colour. Next time you see that child smile & speak to him kindly he might respond to you.

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