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As-salamu 'alaikum. I am a terrible muslim all i do is 5 salahs, fast in ramadan and read the Qur'an. I am having a lot of problems- 1. I am having doubts that i am a kafir. I feel like i don't have iman. 2. I feel like i will go to hell and i will die very soon. 3. Weird thoughts are feeling my head and many times i when i pray i hear whispers that sometimes make me angry, sometimes they make me want to laugh out loud etc. I said Au'uthubillah many times, but i don't feel any difference. Can some one help me? JazakAllah

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Salam my brother. Alot of this waswasa evil whispers from shaytan. To confuse you, make you doubt your self eventually for you to lose trust in Allah.dont give up praying, keep trying. a relationship with allah by reading quran doing zikr and also avoiding sin. Inshallah you Will be fine. If it persists there maybe some sort of jinn or black magic. R u in the uk

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No, bro faisal. I am in bangladesh.

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