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Is it haram for a muslim boy to chat with another girl

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Salam sister/brother I think this question has already been answered.

Jazakallah krie

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"When a man and woman are alone together, Satan is the third." [Tirmidhi]

Here are some general guidelines to be aware of:

It is unlawful for you and the brother to be alone with each other. You should always meet in the presence of your mahram, unmarriageable male relative, such as your father, brother, grandfather, or uncle. If you do not have a mahram, then he should meet you in the presence of your mother. If none of these people are available, then you should appoint a wali: an upright male member of the community.

Instant messaging is highly problematic and I would advise you to leave it alone. Essentially, it is cyber khalwa, or seclusion. What may start out as an innocent enough chat can turn into something else if you are not extremely cautious. If you have a romantic interest in one another, online chats should definitely be left alone. The temptation for prospective couples to engage in romantic conversations is heightened by the mere fact that there is no supervision.

It is crucial to get to know one another. However, this must be done within certain limits. For example, it is fine for you to get to know each other in the presence of family members. However, be cautious about online chatting, as mentioned before. Also, be cautious about unsupervised telephone conversations. In principle, there is nothing wrong with talking on occasion, particularly if you have something important to discuss. However, the limits of propriety must be observed. If you talk on the phone, it should be with the permission of your wali. Furthermore, you should avoid talking to him when you are alone.

As far as meeting up in public places is concerned, once again be cautious. It''s fine to give salaams and inquire about each other''s health. What you do want to avoid is hanging out or anything that gives the appearance of dating. On the other hand, if you are accompanied by a mahram, then seeing the brother outside of the house should not be an issue.

You can also click in the below link to read more about talking to opposite gender in Islam


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I can't see how a woman and a man will marry and build a family if they didn't know each other before marriage? Please give me a help here. Despite all the efforts to maintain these walls firm and abiding, they will not eternally resist the wind of change.

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