Salam, Prophet Muhammad saw said before one is born when he/she is in his/her mothers stomach Allah swa will have his fate written (ie if he is for Jannah or Jahnnam, what he/she will get/do, everything that will happen to him/her will be written) and Prophet Muhammad saw said we should pray. I am confused because if our fates are already written what the use of the pray why not just sit and do noting for what will be will be. Pls don't get me wrong am just confused. Ans??

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QADR (predestination) in which we HAVE A choice. This is where Allah does not interfere as its our free will. Qada (decree) of Allah subhanahu WA ta3ala is in which we have no choice. Understand the difference between the two both in which Allah knows what is and what will be. Therefore always knowing cause and effect. To answer your question on why? Is because you have the choice in qadr. Choose wisely sister / brother. May Allah bless you endlessly . Salaam

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*need to be answered *

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Salam sister or brother, I understand what you mean and inshallah I would try to answer your question in much detail as I can.

Yes Allah has indead written what will happen to our life, Allah know when we will face difficulty and happiness. No! you can just sit there and staring at things which is misleading and do nothing about them because remember what is the purpose of our life., the purpose of our life is to Worship Allah to obey him, remember what was the promise of sitan to Allah , it short word his promise to Allah to lead us astray and disobey Allah. The happeniness and the difficulty time has been written by Allah so Allah want to see how much do you remember him, how much your relying on him and how many time you going to turn your face to him. When one is in difficult situation sitan distract him or her saying thinking like "if Allah care about you then why he has given you a taught life" astaghfirullah! Instead we can see that sitan is our open enemy so in this situation Allah want you to remember him so that he can help you, remember Allah is not in need of us, we are in need of him . Remember this life is short , the real life is to come after out death , I would also like to tell you that again that Allah written what will happen in our life but Allah will also test us to see how much we are living according to his law and faith

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