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I am a published novelist researching my next novel. I propose in the novel to launch a scientific expedition to find the Hebrew Garden of Eden with the specific purpose to reconstruct the tree of life from dna remains. My readings indicate this would be equivalent to the Tree of Eternity in the Quran. If I am correct, would there be some concern that partaking of this recreated tree of Eternity be against Islam? After all, it is the reason that Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise. If so, how much concern would be generated, if for example, it became featured in the popular press that such a thing had actually taken place? Thank you!!

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Asalaam o alaikum, Brother, be you christian ?, What you are proposing is preposterous. The Garden of Eden, is not on Earth. If it were, your proposal would be and is a heinous act of the worst kind. Know this, that to try to create the likes of which scientists do, with DNA, is a crime worthy of severe punishment. Your statement also contradicts itself. You think Eden is to be found on Earth, yet you state Adam and eve ate the fruit in Paradise!!!

After all, The tree you refer to were of two kinds. The tree of Knowledge, and The Tree of Life. These trees could not exist here on earth, for they are portents of Allahs heavenly creations, which man can never have access to here on earth. And when Adam and Eve were given access in Paradise to these trees, they were there as a test. So the idea becomes defunct. We already possess the knowledge and insight incurred by this tree. And this knowledge is only limited to grasp the portents of life and survival on this earth.

The whole of Humanity would be appalled at such an idea, and even the disbelievers would laugh. Please do not waste your time on this futile notion. It would be better spent on proving the Church wrong in their efforts to deceive mankind. Know this too, Allah has hidden many civilisations through destruction as a warning to mankind. This , because of their heinous thoughts and ways of life. It is only a matter of time that another great ( so called )nation will disappear from sight. The many natural disasters occurring are signs of a prevalent society wrought in their wrong doings, that Allah sends destruction and devistation to their towns and cities.

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